Bylaws of the Retired Members Division of OPSEU

Bylaws of the Retired Members Division of OPSEU


As approved by Warren (Smokey) Thomas

Article 1 

This division shall be known as the Retired Members Division of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)

Article 2

The purpose of this Division is to:

  • Bring together retired members to discuss common issues;
  • Organize and sign up to membership retired members;
  • Formulate recommendations for self-help or for action by the Union;
  • Advance the common interest of members of this Division;
  • Assist active OPSEU members to prepare for retirement;
  • Foster ties with other like organizations;
  • Inform members that they may remain on the Union's mailing list for whatever publications they wish to receive;
  • Keep OPSEU informed of the special problems of the retired members of this Division;
  • Help members to improve pensions, housing, medical and health care, drugs and other consumer services.

Article 3  

The Division may seek affiliation with other organizations that have similar purposes, subject to prior approval by the OPSEU President.

Article 4  

Membership in the Division is open to all OPSEU/CSAO members and employees of the union who leave the work force by retiring directly to a pension earned in her/his workplace or retiring from a bargaining unit with no pension plan upon payment of dues as approved by the Union.

Article 5

5.1 Every paid-up member in good standing is entitled to:

  • Be nominated for office in the Division, subject to the Constitution;
  • Participate in elections of the Division;
  • Hold office in the Division;
  • Make a formal presentation to the Executive Board;
  • Attend any open meeting of the Executive Board;
  • Receive updated copies of the Constitution, the By-Laws, and be advised of any amendments;
  • Receive relevant publications

5.2 Every member will be eligible to participate, with voice but no vote, in the activities of an OPSEU Local in accordance with the Constitution.

Article 6 

The structure of the Division shall consist of seven regions and a Divisional Executive Committee (DEC).

Article 7

7.1 Each Region shall elect a Regional Executive Committee (REC) consisting of:

  • A chair
  • A Vice-Chair
  • A secretary
  • Up to 4 regional executive members-at-large

7.2 The number of Regional Executive Committee (REC) meetings per year shall be no more than 2 per year with minimal costs by exercising e-mail and telephone where possible.

7.3 A member of the Retired Members Division may attend the Regional Retired Members meetings of his/her choosing, but may only vote, run for office or claim expenses for attending meetings in the region in which he/she resides.

Article 8

8.1 The Chair shall preside at all REC and all Regional Meetings, generally supervise the affairs and operation of the Region and carry out such other duties as may be designated by the REC.

8.2 The Vice-Chair shall perform all the Chair's functions during her/his absence and carry out such other duties as may be designated by the REC.

8.3 The secretary shall keep minutes, distribute notices to all members as required, and forward all pertinent membership information to OPSEU headquarters.

8.4 The Chair or an elected/designated member shall attend meetings related to collective bargaining where permitted by OPSEU policy.

8.5 The Members-at-Large may be assigned responsibility over one or more committees.

8.6 A quorum of the REC shall be 50% of its eligible voting members.

8.7 The officers of a Region shall be elected no later than the end of April, every second year.

8.8 All vacancies of officers between elections shall be filled by election at the next  regular meeting, unless within 3 months of the expiry of the term of office and at that point the Chair may fill the vacancy by appointment.

Article 9

9.1 The Chairs of the Regions shall form the DEC.

9.2 They shall elect from their group:

  • A Chair
  • A Vice-Chair
  • A Secretary

The remaining members of DEC shall be known as Members-at-Large.

9.3 The DEC shall elect from their group a member to sit on an applicable Negotiating Team for Employee Benefits, with voice but no vote, should the union agree.

9.4 The DEC shall elect from their group a member to sit on an applicable Pension Board, when permitted.

9.5 The DEC shall prepare policies and strategies for consideration and possible action by the membership.  The DEC is also responsible for the implementation of all resolutions passed at Regional meetings and for the management of the affairs of the Division between Regional meetings.

9.6 Meetings of the DEC are called by the Chair who is also responsible for the preparation of the Agenda.  The DEC shall also meet at the request of at least three of its members.

9.7 A quorum of the DEC shall be 50% of its eligible voting members.

Article 10

10.1 The Chair shall preside at DEC meetings, generally supervise the affairs and the operation of the Division and carry out such other duties as may be designated by the DEC.

10.2 The Vice-Chair shall perform all the Chair's functions during her/his absence and accept and carry out such other duties as may be designated by the DEC.

10.3 The Secretary shall keep minutes, distribute notices to all members as required and forward all pertinent membership information to OPSEU headquarters.

10.4 The DEC shall consolidate membership lists, shall (with the help of Staff) prepare information material to be sent to members, shall prepare membership campaigns to bring into membership non-active retirees.

10.5 The DEC or regional chair may,  with staff, prepare retirement seminars or programs for use in the Region.

Article 11

11.1 Each region shall hold at least one Regional meeting per year.

11.2 The Order of Business, with the exception of items 5 & 7, shall be as listed in Article 29.7.2 of the Constitution.

11.3 The Regional Chair may call a meeting at any time by giving at least fourteen days notice of the time and place and by sending the Agenda to the members at least seven days before the meeting date.

11.4  The REC may call a special meeting by giving at least seven days notice (time and place and specific items to be considered).  No additional items may be added to the agenda for a special meeting.

11.5 The Secretary shall call a special meeting within fourteen days of receiving a written petition signed by at least 20% of the members and stating the purpose of the meeting.

11.6 Meetings of the DEC shall be convened at the call of the Chair at least every six months.

Article 12

12.1 The election of officers shall be by secret ballot and in accordance with Article 29.4 of the Constitution.  The officers shall be elected by majority vote and shall serve for a period of two years.

12/2 Mid-term vacancies shall be filled promptly by election in accordance with Article 29.4.2 of the Constitution.

Article 13

13.1 Each Region may establish committees, with terms of reference. 

13.2 A quorum for all committee meetings shall be 50% of the eligible voting members of the committee.

13.3 In the event of expenditures by these Regional Executive Committees, all such expenditures must be approved by the Division Executive Committee.

Article 14

14.1 The financial year of the Division shall correspond with the financial year of OPSEU.

14.2 No officer or member of the Division shall receive remuneration for duties performed on behalf of the Division, but these persons may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred while performing these duties.

14.3 The DEC shall prepare an annual budget showing how revenues shall be disbursed.

Article 15

15.1 It is the responsibility of each region of the Retired Members Division to minimize cost wherever possible both for the sake of limiting expenditures as well as making sure that all regions are treated fairly.

15.2 At the Regional General meetings, mileage will only be paid up to the distance to the nearest regional office or place of meeting; where possible. The mileage restriction shall not apply to Regional Executive Officers and to all election meetings. Use of electronic meetings and/or separate meetings in different geographical areas is encouraged.

15.3   Meal costs at Regional Retired Members meetings will be minimized where possible. Catering or negotiating a reduced restaurant rate to be paid by the  Chair, who will then submit his/her claim to head office.

Article 16

16.1   RULES OF ORDER shall be as set forth in Robert's Rules of Order, and Garfield Jones' Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance

Article 17 

17.1     Proposals to amend these Bylaws may be submitted by any Region of this  Division.

17.2     In order to be considered by the DEC, submitted amendments must be accompanied by minutes indicating  a 2/3rds majority vote of  members in attendance supporting the amendment.

17.3    Reasonable notice will be given of any bylaw change to members through the regular contact network informing of an upcoming meeting with the proposed  amendment change by the Regional representatives on the DEC.

17.4    Amendments will require a 2/3rd majority vote of all members present in all the regions to pass.

17.5     Any amendments that meet these requirements are subject to the final approval by    the President of OPSEU.

Effective May 2013

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