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BPS Corrections Sector Bylaws

BPS Corrections Sector Bylaws



The following bylaws are adopted by Sector 7 BPS Corrections pursuant to, and to supplement the OPSEU Constitution. The goal of the BPS Correctional Sector Executive Committee is to empower members from the Sector by discussing matters of common interest, and promoting them within the union. The Executive will act as an effective and united body to protect and promote the best interests of all its members, working in BPS Sector 7 Corrections.

Article 1 – Name

The organization shall be known as Sector 7 BPS Corrections: Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU).

Article 2 – Objectives

The objectives of the Executive and its members are to:

2.1 Uphold and abide by the OPSEU constitution and all applications and interpretations thereof.

2.2 Encourage active participation by all members in Union activities.

2.3 Provide an opportunity for all members to influence and shape their future through free democratic trade Unionism.

2.4 To provide an informative resource for all members of the Sector to encourage coordinated bargaining.

2.5 To promote and facilitate effective communication within the Sector.

2.6 To support and provide information to help the locals of this Sector enhance member satisfaction with their working life through encouragement of a productive and enriching work environment, free from discrimination, harassment and unfair employment practices.

2.7 Uphold and abide by duly accepted OPSEU corporate policy.

Article 3 – Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution of this Sector shall be the Constitution of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and these Bylaws shall in all respects be subordinate to the Constitution and all applications thereof.

Article 4 – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year (accounting cycle) of this Sector shall begin at 00.01hours January 1st and end at 23:59 hours December 31st.

Article 5 – Membership

5.1 BPS Sector 7 Corrections shall be open to members of BPS Locals that fall into the Corrections category as defined by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union governing body.

5.2 Each local in Sector 7 has the right to be represented based on the convention formula as stated in the OPSEU constitution.  Any member may be nominated to positions on the executive and all delegates are entitled to vote on elections. 

To meet and assemble freely with other members and generally, to participate in all the activities of the Sector in a responsible manner.

To present and discuss factually and honestly, the issues upon which the membership must base its decisions.

These rights shall at all times be subject to the rules of procedure governing meetings and other uniform rules and regulations contained in the Constitution and Bylaws.

5.3 A member in exercising the foregoing rights and privileges shall not take any irresponsible action which is contrary to the Constitution or Sector Bylaws, which could interfere with the performance of this Sector or the Union in exercising its legal or contractual obligations as the collective bargaining agent. Violations or abuse of these rights and privileges of membership, or engaging in conduct prohibited by the Constitution shall be considered conduct unbecoming a union member.

5.4 The membership shall strive to obtain the objectives set forth in the OPSEU Constitution and these Bylaws. In accordance with OPSEU policy, the Sector and its members shall strive to maintain constructive relations with other organizations, to do all in their power to strengthen and promote the Labour Movement, to cooperate with the OPSEU Executive Board and OPSEU staff and help promote organizational activities.

Article 6 – Membership Rights

Every member in good standing is entitled to:

6.1 Subject to any qualifications stipulated in these Bylaws, to be nominated for and hold office in the Sector.

6.2 To receive an up-to-date copy upon request, of the Bylaws of the Sector and to be advised of amendments to them.

Article 7 – Sector Meetings

7.1 Elections will be held at the Sector Divisional Meeting.

7.2 The Sector Executive Committee (SEC) will set the agenda for any Sector meeting and it will be provided to the membership at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.

7.3 No member disrupting any meeting shall be allowed to remain after being warned twice by the chairperson.

7.4 Minutes of the previous Sector meeting will be available from the secretary for review on demand.

Article 8 – Power of Administration

8.1 The membership is the highest authority of this Sector and shall be empowered to take or direct any action providing it is consistent with the Constitution or these Bylaws.

8.2 Between Sector Divisional Meetings, the Sector Executive Committee (SEC), consisting of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Sector Steward, shall administer the affairs of the Sector in accordance with the Constitution and the Sector Bylaws.

Article 9 – Sector Executive Committee

9.1 The Officers of the Sector shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Sector Steward.

9.2 The Officers of the Sector constitute the Sector Executive Committee (SEC).

9.3 A quorum of the SEC shall be fifty per cent (50%) of the SEC.

9.4 Meetings of the SEC shall be held quarterly. Special SEC meetings may be called by a majority of SEC.

9.5 Duties of the Officers of Sector shall be:

a) The Chair shall:

  • enforce compliance with Bylaws and regulations of the Union
  • preside at Sector Executive Meetings
  • be an ex-Officio member of all Sector Committees
  • attend the Community Services Division Council Meetings
  • generally supervise the affairs and operation of the Sector and carry out such other duties as may be prescribed by the Sector Bylaws
  • attend the BPS Sector Chairs Meetings representing Sector 7 Corrections and its interests.

b) The Vice-Chair shall:

  • perform all the duties of the Chair during any absence of the Chair
  • accept and exercise such duties and powers as may be designated by the SEC or the Chair
  • may also attend all functions of the Union in place of the Chair when the Chair cannot attend.

c) The Sector Steward shall:

  • be a member of the Sector Executive Committee. The Sector Steward shall be responsible for any duties assigned by the Sector Executive
  • they shall fill in at any position vacated during the term of the Executive.

d) The Secretary shall:

  • attend all meetings of the Sector, or designate in their absence to keep the minutes of the meeting
  • forward the minutes within seven days to the other members of the Sector Executive
  • distribute notices to all members of the Sector, as required
  • answer and/or forward all pertinent correspondence, and forward required membership information to the appropriate union office.

e) The Treasurer shall :

  • shall be responsible for proper administration of the assets and operating funds of the Sector.

9.6 If an Executive Committee member misses two (2) consecutive SEC meetings, this will be noted in the minutes and the SEC Member must give reasonable cause. If no reasonable cause is given, the SEC Member will be deemed to have abandoned the office.

Article 10 – Amendments

10.1 These Bylaws may be amended by presenting the amendments in writing to the SEC at least thirty (30) days prior to a Sector Divisional Meeting. The amendments will be studied by the SEC for presentation to the Divisional Meeting. The agenda for that meeting must contain a notice of all amendments to be considered.

10.2 Approval by two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present and voting at a meeting with a quorum will render the amendment adopted.

10.3 No amendments to these Bylaws shall take effect until they have been approved by the President of the Union in accordance with Article 12.5.2 of the Constitution.

Approved: "original signed by" Date: June 16, 2016

President, OPSEU