Home care workers are worth more

The Ford government thinks home care workers are worth less.

With an aging population and nearly 100% of elderly Canadians wanting to live independently in their homes, home care is a crucial part of our health care system.

And yet, the Ford government continues to underfund and undervalue these services and treat the workers who deliver them with disrespect.

Tell Premier Ford and the Treasury Board to show home care workers the respect they deserve by providing the funding for a fair offer that reflects the current cost-of-living.

Home care workers deserve respect

Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) workers were among the thousands of public service workers affected by Premier Ford’s Bill 124, which capped wage increases at 1% despite rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis. Two levels of court found the legislation to be unconstitutional and it has now been repealed.

Right now, these workers are in the process of wage reopener negotiations seeking remedy to make-up for the years their wages were unjustly suppressed by this legislation.

At the table, their employers came with an insulting offer that falls far short of addressing the current cost of living.

This is simply not good enough. Home care workers are worth more!

Home and Community Care Support Services workers care deeply about their work. They deserve to be treated with respect.