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OPSEU's History

History of OPSEU: 1910 to 2008

CSAO President Harold Bowen (Centre), with new Civil Service Association of Ontario logo.

OPS All-Presidents meet in 1991 barraging for a new collective agreement.

OPS All-Presidents meet in 1991 bargaining for a new collective agreement.

From 1910s - 1970s

From 1980s -1990s

From 2000 - 2008

History of OPSEU: 2000 - 2008


  • In May, the water supply of Walkerton is contaminated by E. coli bacteria, which leaves seven dead and thousands made ill. The toll includes OPSEU member Betty Trushinski, a dietary services worker at the South Grey Bruce Health Centre. The tragedy highlights cuts to public services. The Ministry of the Environment had cut more than 900 staff, and eliminated 80 per cent of water sampling stations. OPSEU insists on (and gets) whistle-blowing protection for members who testify at the inquiry into how it happened.