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For OPSEU Members

Find Your Collective Agreement

See an index of current Collective Agreements

Find Your Local President

Includes a complete listing of all local executives, and a link to a listing of all Local Websites.

Need a Membership Card?

Find out how to obtain a membership card.

How OPSEU works

Finding your way in OPSEU

Connect With OPSEU: update your member information

By updating your membership information, including your name, union membership number and e-mail address, you will receive email updates on union activities as well as important notifications on issues such as bargaining and how you can help build a better future for working people.

OPSEU Annual Convention

Convention is the union’s highest-ranking authority, where delegates debate and vote on policy and constitutional motions. Awards, presentations and guest speakers are also part of this three-day event.

In Solidarity Newsletter

The newsletter for OPSEU Stewards and Activists.

The elected members of the editorial committee for In Solidarity are:
Virginia Ridley - Editor: Local 116, Lisa Bicum  - Assistant Editor: Local 125, Sandy Green:  Local 416, Craig Hadley: Local 5109, Verne Saari: Local 659