Fair wages now! Take action for Ontario Public Service workers

In this cost-of-living crisis, 30,000 workers in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) haven’t had a real raise in nearly 10 years – and they’re struggling. The Ford government is determined to gut Ontario’s public services – creating a massive staffing shortage that has caused a crisis in the public services all Ontarians depend on.

This means out of control forest fires and smoke-filled air because there aren’t enough forest fire crews; it means unsafe workplaces because there aren’t enough safety inspectors to go around. In the end all Ontarians will pay the price because of Doug Ford’s attack on our public services.

Together, public service workers are demanding fairer wages and better working conditions so they can provide quality public services to the people of Ontario. Send a message to your MPP and Premier Ford to demand fair wages now!

The Ford government’s recent scandals tell us exactly who they’re working for: real estate developers and corporate donors. Ford isn’t for the people. But there is power in numbers.

To have impact and protect our public services, we need your support. If everyone reading this sends an email, we’ll send a clear message to the Ford government: fair wages now!