School Board Bargaining Conference

Thursday, March 28, 2019
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The School Board Bargaining Conference is the first stage of each round of central and
local bargaining.

The purpose of the School Board Bargaining Conference (SBBC) shall be:

  1. to promote the achievement and maintenance of the highest province-wide standards and to educate division locals on the central and local bargaining process;
  2. to examine in depth a number of broadly-based issues that are relevant to the forthcoming round of negotiations;
  3. to develop themes for consideration at Local demand-setting meetings;
  4. to identify priority issues; and
  5. generally to provide guidance and recommendations to division members for Local demand-setting meetings. Locals will be free to add to or subtract from the recommended options.
  6. election of the Central Negotiating Team Members

Delegate Entitlement

Each Division Local shall be entitled to send one (1) delegate to the Bargaining
Conference and Central demand-setting meeting. (They shall be, except in extenuating
circumstances, the same delegate). Where there is a single-unit Local, the Local President
(or in his/her absence, the Local Vice-President) shall be the automatic first delegate. For
all other Locals, the highest-ranking officer in the unit shall be the automatic first delegate.

Members of the Divisional Executive are automatic and over and above any local
entitlement. In the event that the Officers entitled to be automatic delegates are unable to
attend the Central demand-setting meeting, delegates shall be elected.

Delegates must be members of the bargaining unit that they are representing at the
demand set.

The delegate shall be responsible for representing their Local during the bargaining
process, including responsibility for reading, reviewing, summarizing and communicating
bargaining information at the Local level.

An Executive Board member who is a member of the Division may attend with voice but no
vote, unless the Executive Board member is a delegate from a Member Unit.

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