Rally to rebuild and improve our public health care

Let’s tell Doug Ford that we need to rebuild and improve our public health care: NO to cuts and privatization! 

Tuesday, October 23
12 p.m. 
Queen’s Park, Toronto 

Sponsored by the Ontario Health Coalition

During his election campaign, Ford promised to govern for the people, and to end hallway medicine. After a quarter century of deep cuts and privatization, his promise struck a chord with many Ontarians. But, in the short time since the Conservatives took office, Ford’s actions have not reflected that promise.

Ford’s appointment of infamous privatizer Gordon Campbell as financial guru, was a tell-tale sign of his real priorities. Under Campbell’s leadership, B.C. became ground zero for health care cuts and privatization in Canada – long waits and user fees are rampant.  

That’s not the Ontario we want. Now is our time to take a stand; to make it impossible for this government to cut and privatize our health care system.

You can help!

OPSEU will be sponsoring buses from each region to attend the rally – please be sure to attend and help spread the word! Stay tuned for more information about bus departure times and locations across Ontario.   

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