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OPSEU Corrections Division
Friday, April 30, 2021
All day

Demand-Set Meetings – Virtual Meetings

Local Demand-Set meetings are to be held between March 19, 2021 and April 30, 2021 inclusive. If you have members in both the Unified bargaining unit and the Corrections bargaining unit, there needs to be separate demand-set meetings but they can take place on the same day and in the same meeting. In addition to prioritizing the members’ demands, elections for delegates to both the Unified and Corrections regional bargaining conferences will need to be conducted.

Members are being asked to prioritize the provincial results from the demand-set survey at their Local Demand Set meetings. Once delegate elections have been completed for each bargaining unit, the members in each unit will prioritize their top ten demands. Members may include up to three new items, in their top ten priorities, that did not appear in the provincial results. A local may have one list of priorities for the Unified bargaining unit and one list of priorities for the Corrections bargaining unit.

Members may also submit a special case(s) through their Local to support a market comparison for the salary of a classification(s) or to restore historical salary relationships. Information regarding special cases is attached.

Once the priorities have been voted on and passed by the members, Local Presidents will be sent a unique web link email for your local to submit your top ten local priorities. The email will come from STRATCOM and the email is: surveys@stratresearch.ca so please also look in your junk folder.

The deadline for entering the priorities is Friday, May 7, 2021. Forms to assist you with that process will be included with the survey results.

The following documents are links to the OPSEU/SEFPO website where the documents can be printed or downloaded to assist you in running your local demand-set meeting:


All elections will be done by category in accordance with convention formula which is provided below.

Delegate Entitlements

Delegate entitlements, in accordance with Article 13.4 of the Constitution, are shown below:

Up to 150 members – 1 delegate

151 to 300 members – 2 delegates

301 to 500 members – 3 delegates

501 to 800 members – 4 delegates

801 to 1100 members – 5 delegates

1101 to 1500 members – 6 delegates

1501 to 1900 members – 7 delegates

1901 to 2300 members – 8 delegates

2301 or more members – 9 delegates

The delegate entitlement for each category is based on the number of members in good standing (i.e. signed up) in the category and not the total number of members in the Local. Alternates must also be elected. You may elect an equal number of alternates to delegates but in some instances you may not have enough members to elect the full number. Expenses of alternates to the Regional Bargaining Conference are the responsibility of the Local.

A member must have been an OPSEU/SEFPO steward or a member of a MERC/ LERC/ RERC/ H&S committee for at least six months prior to their election. Any member can submit an intent to run for a position whether in attendance at the meeting or not.

Please note: The Chair of the Central Enforcement and Renewal Committee (CERC) is an automatic delegate over and above the local’s entitlement. The Local President is not an automatic delegate to the Regional Bargaining Conference.

Regional Bargaining Conferences – Virtual

The purpose of the Regional Bargaining Conferences is to elect the regional bargaining team representatives for the Unified bargaining team and the Essential & Emergency Services team, as well as to elect category delegates to the Central Bargaining Conferences for both the Unified and Correctional bargaining units.

All forms related to the Regional Bargaining Conference must be submitted by Friday, April 30, 2021.

The Regional Bargaining Conferences will be held virtually via Zoom.

The number of delegates that will be elected at each Regional Bargaining Conference are as follows:

Corrections Bargaining Unit

4 delegates from the Correctional Officer (CO) category
1 delegate from the Youth Services Officer (YSO) category
1 delegate from the Probation & Parole Officer (PPO) category
1 delegate from the Probation Officer (PO) category
1 delegate from either PPO or PO category
1 delegate from COR Institutional and Health Care category
1 delegate from COR Administrative/ Office Administration/ Technical/ Operational/ Maintenance category
1 delegate from COR multi-other category
(Only includes the following Classifications – City Crew Officer, Correctional Locksmith, Grounds/Maintenance Worker, Hairdresser Instructor, Industrial officer, Provincial Bailiff, Recreation Officer, Rehabilitation Officer, Steam Plant Engineer/Officer and Trade Instructor)
1 delegate from Fixed Term category

Credential Attestation Form

The OPSEU/SEFPO Policy Manual (Article 16.1) states that credentials must be submitted with the signatures of two (2) Local Officers on the Credential Attestation Form. We have provided one form for you to list all attendees on. Please send this completed form to conferencesandtravel@opseu.org no later than Friday, April 30, 2021. Please clearly identify your status on the form (i.e. Delegate/Alternate/Observer).

Once the form is received, a follow up email will be sent to you to register via OPSEU/SEFPO’s Member Portal. In order to confirm your registration, please register through the Member Portal no later than Friday, May 7, 2021.

**Please Note: Registration cannot be processed until the Credential Attestation Form is received. You will not see the conference open for registration on the portal until your credentials have been processed. You must register by the established due date.

Human Rights Accommodation Request Form

Should you require a human rights accommodation or have an existing accommodation under the Human Rights Code, please complete and submit the Human Rights Accommodation Request Form in full.

OPSEU/SEFPO Child Care Policy

OPSEU/SEFPO will reimburse for child care expenses as per policy. OPSEU/SEFPO’s rate of family care to be paid $15/hr to a max of $220 within a 24 hr period to cover the cost of you doing union business. A receipt, signed by the care provider, showing the dates the service was provided, the address and phone number of the care provider and the names and ages of the children will need to be provided.

** Please Note: As this meeting is being held virtually, no expenses outside of time off (if required) will be reimbursed except in special circumstances where expenses have been pre-approved. To inquire further about pre-approval, please email conferencesandtravel@opseu.org.


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