Newcomer Women’s Services information picket

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) members working at Newcomer Women’s Services (NEW), OPSEU Local 518, will hold an information picket to bring attention to the lack of decent pay for workers at the non-profit agency.

The 20 members of Local 518 have been negotiating a first contract since January 2018. They are taking a stand over 10 years of stagnant wages. Members took a 100 per cent strike vote after voting down an employer’s offer for 1.4 per cent over two years. The agency, which helps newcomer women and their families to integrate and participate in the life of the city, is funded by the governments of Ontario and Canada, as well as the City of Toronto.

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  • Stagnant wages=wage cuts. For a decade, workers at NEW have suffered stagnant wages. We’re just asking the employer to invest in a respectful wage increase.  #decentpayatNEW #onpoli #topoli @NEW_Employment @o_n_n @ Peter_Tabuns @PaulaFletcherTO @juliedabrusin
  • It’s time to turn over a new leaf at NEW and treat workers with fairness and respect. #decentpayatNEW #onpoli #topoli @NEW_Employment @o_n_n @ Peter_Tabuns @PaulaFletcherTO @juliedabrusin
  • Email Executive Director, Judy Fantham at, and Board Chair, Dilya Niezova at

For more information: Elizabeth Wickwire, OPSEU Local 518 bargaining team member, 647-464-3409

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