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Caribbean Junior Carnival, Neilson Park

Saturday, July 19, 2014
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Caribbean Junior Carnival is an annual parade that provides children with the opportunity to celebrate Caribbean culture with their communities and families.

The Junior Carnival is a symbol  for all children of diversity and inclusion and of the legacy of Caribbean and African diaspora communities in Canada. Historically, the Toronto Caribbean Festival (then known as 'Caribana')  was established to mark Canada's Centennial, African Liberation struggles and Emancipation Day (the end of legal slavery in Canada and the Caribbean).

At this Junior Carnival, young masqueraders will dance through the streets in their brightly coloured costumes.  This carnival parade (similar to theToronto Caribbean Carnival) is made up of a procession of bands and junior masqueraders who all compete on stage by wearing and displaying their costumes.

The Caribbean Junior Carnival is  a family-friendly event and will include live entertainment, dancers and singers and a variety of vendors.

Do not miss the fun!  Come and enjoy this day of festivities and merry making.

For more information about the Toronto Caribbean Carnival event please go to: 2014 Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

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