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OPSEU Waypoint member

In an in-depth report, The Midland Mirror spells out the terrible consequences of the dangerous conditions that OPSEU members face working at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. “You can’t drag somebody out of their room, fight them, jab a needle in them, and then try and provide passionate nursing care the next day,”...

OPSEU Local 329 - Join the conversation: #StaySafeBeSafe

Penetanguishene – An arbitrator has ruled in favour of OPSEU on the union’s allegation of an unfair labour practice against Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. In his decision, dated June 12, 2019, Arbitrator Robert W. Kitchen ruled that Waypoint had indeed broken the law by violating section 70 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act,...

OPSEU Mental Health Division

On the same day as the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care celebrates with its annual Shine the Light Gala, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) officials and Waypoint employees were out picketing to “shine a light on staffing issues.” “We’ll keep holding Waypoint management’s feet to the fire until they start respecting our members,”...

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