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In an editorial, The Peterborough Examiner writes that citizens are rightly concerned that the management of their local hospital is targeting a group of female clerical workers with a unilateral wage freeze. “People feel connected to their hospital,” writes The Examiner. “They want to know that if they need medical care the complex organism that...


Peterborough – OPSEU’s President says the union won’t be silenced over the Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s attempt to censor radio ads about the wage freeze it’s trying to impose on female clerical workers. Warren (Smokey) Thomas says OPSEU was informed Thursday that hospital officials contacted at least one radio station running the satirical ad and...

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas with crowd of OPSEU members

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas led a large group of OPSEU members and local labour allies during a rally outside the Peterborough Regional Health Centre on Dec. 11 to demand that the CEO halt a wage freeze targeted at women. The members of OPSEU Local 345, 98 per cent of whom are women, learned earlier this...

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