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The Ontario Council of Educational Workers (OCEW) has been involved in discussions with the Government regarding a voluntary temporary redeployment initiative which would enable some members in the education sector to volunteer for temporary redeployment in the community. Following these discussions, the OCEW approved the following motion: “OCEW endorses the ability of each of its...

The provincial government has signed another quick deal giving thousands of civil servants a 7.5-per-cent raise over four years, prompting accusations the Liberals are buying labour peace for next June’s election. Read the full story on the website of the Toronto Star. Related: OPSEU in the News

The two-step election process to elect the 2017 OPS bargaining teams began on Saturday, May 27. As a result of amendments to the Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, OPSEU bargaining teams negotiate two separate, stand-alone collective agreements: one for the Unified bargaining unit and one for the Correctional bargaining unit. Accordingly, two separate regional bargaining...

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