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On January 24, the fourth International Day of Education, OPSEU/SEFPO salutes the thousands of members it proudly represents who contribute to the excellence of Ontario’s public education system, from early childhood education to university degrees and everything in between. “Changing course, transforming education” is the theme for 2022. Certainly, we’ve seen how educators have changed...

OPSEU is currently seeking applications from interested CAAT Academic retirees for the volunteer position of OPSEU appointee on the provincial CAAT Retirees Group Insurance Advisory Committee (CRGIAC). The committee acts as an advisory body, assisting the College Employer Council in ensuring the appropriate benefit design and cost effectiveness of the group insurance benefit plans available to...

Algonquin College's failed, men-only college in Saudi Arabia has lost $6.2 million in both operating losses and costs associated with exiting the deal, according to figures released Monday at the school's annual board of governor's meeting. Read the full article on the website of the CBC. Related: OPSEU in the News.

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