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No words can take away the pain of such a loss.

Help for Education Worker who lost children in fire

On the morning of Jan. 20, 2022, a fellow Education Worker with the Peel District School Board lost her three children in…
Education workers ensure the safety and wellbeing of students

The wellbeing of our students matters most

I work in a kindergarten classroom with over 25 children. When in-person classes were being held I reported to work every day…
Adult learners + accessible technology = success

Helping newcomers overcome learning obstacles

I have the pleasure of working with new immigrants to settle into their new lives in Canada. It is rewarding for me…
Fact: Majority of education workers are: paid on average 35 to 40 thousands a year, paid for 10 months, laid off during school holidays

Education Workers are there first to help students in need

Education workers are the front line workers who often see when a student is in need. It is myself & my fellow…
Woman & child wearing PPE. Fact: Physical distancing is not an option when working with vulnerable students

Providing compassion and understanding for students who are escalated and in crisis

Education workers on the front line respond to students who are escalated and in crisis. We are often hit, bit, kicked, pushed,…
Image of smiling boy. Fact: Many education workers support Ontario's most vulnerable students who are mask exempt

Why I love my job as an education worker

When the students I support come off the bus, their smiles and excitement remind me of why I love my job as…


I want to thank you for the work that you’ve done throughout the pandemic supporting Ontario’s students. You have stepped up over the last year and persevered through the challenges, stresses, and uncertainties of working in the education system. The work you do in elementary, secondary, and adult education is vital to keep students engaged, learning, and safe. You’re the front-line heroes in our education system.  You put yourself at risk to provide academic, behavioural, social, emotional, physical, and medical support. You have been the dependable lifeline for the students you’ve supported throughout the pandemic and we want to hear from you!  Thank you!

As an essential education worker you know what is happening in our schools, both remote and on-line. Your stories and experiences will help us to continue the work that we’re doing to educate those in power, parents and the public about what really happens day to day in Ontario’s schools.

We want to hear from you about what is happening in your workplaces.  Call us or email us and tell us about the challenges, the successes and everything in between.

Share your stories at: 1-833-OPSEU ED (1-833-677-3833) or email us at

Your submissions can be long or short- we will ensure that your comments remain confidential. If your submission or a piece of your submission is used, we will carefully edit it to ensure your anonymity.

The toll free number and/or email will be used to collect stories, experiences, quotes, and thoughts that you want to share to make others aware of the impact of your work with students, your loved ones, and communities.

Please continue to reach out to your local executive, stewards, staff representatives, and OPSEU/SEFPO offices with workplace concerns. 

In solidarity,
Warren (Smokey) Thomas