Vote OPSEU. Ontario Coroners: Time to Turn the Corner

Show your strength – sign an OPSEU/SEFPO card

OPSEU/SEFPO needs signed cards to be able to demonstrate to the provincial government that it has a mandate from the majority of provincial Coroners to obtain bargaining rights for the Coroners.

The signed OPSEU/SEFPO cards are an expression of legal interest and a tangible measure of that mandate. The cards are confidential and neither the cards or the names of the card signers will be disclosed to the government.

Please sign at the link below in order to add your voice in support of the legal process for obtaining bargaining rights.

Show your strength – sign an OPSEU/SEFPO card

By signing an OPSEU/SEFPO card, coroners are giving OPSEU/SEFPO the official mandate to represent them in establishing a Framework Agreement with the government.

The greater the number of cards signed, the stronger the mandate.

Ontario Coroners – Time to turn the corner

The Ontario Coroners Association