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About Us

The purpose of the Central Employee Relations Committee (CERC) is to promote and facilitate consultation and communication between OPSEU and our OPS employer on issues of joint interest. We make sure that what was bargained in the collective agreement is actually happening in our workplaces. If a multi-Ministry workplace policy is unfair, we file a policy grievance.

We are your bargaining team between rounds of bargaining. When the union is not negotiating a collective agreement, the CERC is the forum for discussion and resolution of corporate labour relations matters that affect OPSEU members in more than one Ministry.

The CERC team and the chairs of each Ministry Enforcement and Renewal Committee (MERC) form a working group that meets regularly to address issues in each Ministry. These issues are addressed directly with the employer at the senior level. This senior level for the government is Management Board Secretariat.

Here’s how it works

Each Local in the Ontario Public Service should have an elected Local Enforcement and Renewal Committee (LERC) which meets with local management to resolve issues that have been brought to their attention. Minutes of LERC meetings are distributed and posted in each workplace.

Issues not resolved at the Local level may be referred to the MERC. The MERC team addresses issues that affect members in the whole Ministry. The minutes of these meetings are posted on the employer’s and union’s websites.

To have a Local issue addressed at the Ministry level, send a copy of the local minutes that outline the unresolved issue to your MERC Chair, with a completed referral form. Referral forms are attached to the minutes of each MERC meeting. For a complete listing of MERCs and how to contact them, please see https://www.opseu.org/content/ministry-employee-relations-committees-team-listing.

Issues not resolved at the Ministry level are referred to the Central Employee Relations Committee (CERC) for resolution. The CERC also deals with issues that affect the OPS as a whole. The CERC meets once a month. Minutes of meetings are also posted on the employer’s and union’s websites.

Meet YOUR Central Employment Relations Committee


Mickey Riccardi started working for the OPS as a Co-op student eventually securing fulltime employment at the Ministry of Labour in the Human Resources Branch.  Mickey has worked for the OPS for 27 years.  In 1994, Mickey became an Industrial Training Officer (Training Consultant), known today as Employment Training Consultant, for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

She considers herself a longtime activist with a wealth of knowledge and experience given to her by this great union.  In 2002 Mickey was elected as an alternate to MTCU's MERC team. In 2004 Mickey was elected as the MERC Co-chair. She has held numerous Union positions within OPSEU such as a CERC alternate, Steward, Local president, 1st VP and Region 1 mobilizer.

In 2008, she was given an opportunity through OPSEU to act as a Staff  Representative.  Her first assignment as Acting Staff Representative was for 2½ years in the Windsor Regional Office.  In 2011, she undertook another assignment as Acting Staff Representative in the London Area office which lasted for a 1 year period.

She is committed, dedicated and passionate and welcomes the opportunity to listen to your concerns and to work and advocate on your behalf.   She is looking forward to being a member of this newly elected CERC team.


Neil Martin Local 546
Work: 416.476.6975
E: neilopseu@gmail.com


William Larose Local 634
Work: 705.497.5207
E: wlarose3@gmail.com


Haran Thurairasah Local 502
Work: 416.325.6570
E: haranthurairasah@rogers.com

CERC Minutes

Note: (T & D): Training & Development

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OPSEU and the Centre For Employee Relations are pleased to announce the re-launch of the joint ERC Training program.

Please see the attachment below for more details.

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Publication Date: 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 2:00pm