What do YOU want to see in your next Collective Agreement?

The College Support Part-Time Collective Agreement is coming up for renewal in 2021. Over the next few months, we’ll be holding a series of meetings to find out from all Part-Time College Support  workers what you want to see in your next agreement.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all pre-bargaining meetings will be held virtually, using Zoom and secure online voting technology.   

Keep an eye on your emails and on this website for more information about how you can participate in these meetings.  

What to Expect

Step 1: Election of delegates, alternates and observers from each local at each College, to attend Pre-Bargaining Conference.

The highest-ranking steward/officer of your Local from the part-time membership will be the automatic first delegate, and all other delegates will be elected at your College’s General Membership Meeting (to be held  by September 18, 2020) based on the formula found in OPSEU’s Constitution. Delegates are responsible for representing your Unit during the entire bargaining process and communicating bargaining information back to the Part-Time Unit and Local.

For every delegate elected from a College Unit, there must be an alternate, and an observer may also be elected (see 2.3 of Negotiations Procedures). Alternates and observers have a voice at the Pre-Bargaining Conference, but no vote.   

Step 2: Nomination of Bargaining Team Members and Alternates 

To run as a Bargaining Team member or alternate, you must be a Part-Time College Support member in good-standing and be nominated by a Part-Time College Support member in good-standing. Good standing in the Union means that the member has signed an OPSEU membership card in accordance with Article 6 of the OPSEU Constitution). 

Nominations for Bargaining Team member and alternate can be done in advance, by submitting a completed nomination form signed by both the nominator and nominee to OPSEU on or before September 23, 2020. Nominations can also be made at the Pre-Bargaining Conference with the nominee accepting the nomination, either in person or via a signed acceptance of the nomination 

Step 3: Pre-Bargaining Conference

Date: November 6-7, 2020 

The Pre-Bargaining Conference is held to:  

  • examine, in-depth, issues that are relevant to the upcoming round of negotiations  
  • develop themes for consideration at local demand-set meetings  
  • give guidance and a sense of direction to delegates   
  • elect members to the Bargaining Team

Step 4: Local Demand-Setting

Following the Pre-Bargaining Conference, a Demand-Setting meeting will be held by each College Unit to identify bargaining priorities from each Local at each College. The highest-ranking steward/officer and delegates will present recommendations from the Pre-Bargaining Conference to Local members for their information and consideration.   

Members who  are unable to  attend the local demand-setting meeting  may send their proposals in writing to the meeting Chair.   

At the Local Demand-Setting meeting, members will vote on the local’s bargaining demand proposals.  

Step 5: Final Demand-Setting

Date: January 29-30, 2020

At the Final Demand-Setting meeting, participants will vote on bargaining demands for the upcoming round of negotiations. At this meeting, the final demands that will be presented in the bargaining of the new Collective Agreement will be decided.

For more information, see our Negotiations Procedures   

Important Dates 2020

September 18  

Elected Local delegate/alternate to province-wide Pre-Bargaining Conference due to be submitted. Please also let the union know if any observers (up to the number of delegates/alternates) will be attending.

Submission Form:  Credential Attestation Form 

September 25  

Registration deadline for delegates/alternates/observers to Pre-Bargaining Conference  

Submission Link:  OPSEU Portal 

October 16 

Nominations for delegates/alternates to provincial Bargaining Team due to be submitted 

Submission Form:   Nomination Form 

October 23  

Acceptance of nominations of delegates/alternates to provincial Bargaining Team and other elections due to be submitted  

Submission Form:  Nomination Form 

November 6-7  

Province-wide Pre-Bargaining Conference 

Election of provincial Bargaining Team  

November 27  

Booklets distributed for Local Demand-Setting meetings at each College   

December 16  

Local demands to be submitted to OPSEU 

Submission Form: Local Demands Form 

Delegate/alternate/observer to province-wide Final Demand-Setting Meeting due to be submitted

December 23 

Registration deadline for delegates/alternates/observers to province-wide Final Demand-Setting  Meeting  

Submission Link:   OPSEU Member Portal 

Important Dates 2021 

January 29-30  

Province-wide Final Demand-Set Meeting    

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