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PHOLine: Meet your 2021 Bargaining Team

“Bargaining this year might look different than it normally does, doing virtual meetings instead of in-person. But I’m confident that we will bargain as strong as ever despite the obstacles we face. And you have the full support of OPSEU/SEFPO every step of the way. Your bargaining team will have every resource available to you……

Health care unions welcome significantly improved Covid-19 protections for 400,000 health care workers

OPSEU, ONA, CUPE-OCHU, SEIU Healthcare & Unifor worked together with the Ministry of Health on the update to Directive #5, issued this week by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. The improvements to this Directive will strengthen many aspects of the health and safety protections in place for health care workers in Ontario.  Read the……

B.C. court rules against bid to expand for-profit health care

British Columbia’s Supreme Court rules against a doctor who contended that restricting private for profit health care violates the Charter. To learn more, read this article by the National Union of Public and General Employees:

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