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It’s time for universal child care

As Canada celebrates Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Appreciation Day on October 22, our thoughts are with dedicated child care, Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECE), and ECE members working in the community, schools, and community colleges.  With millions of Ontarians working from home, we have an even greater appreciation for the people……

Food is the first and fundamental right

We believe it’s very important to underscore every World Food Day, October 16, because when you don’t have enough to eat, nothing else matters.  Over 800 million people worldwide go to sleep hungry. That’s a terrible tragedy. And it’s just plain shameful that four million Canadians, including more than a million children, experience some level……

International Day of the Girl Child 2020: Elevating the voices of girls everywhere

Every year, on October 11, we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize the rights of girls and highlight the many challenges faced by girls around the world. This year’s theme – ‘My voice, our equal future’ – focuses on elevating the voices of girls in order to achieve true gender equality. ……

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