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April 13, 2011

Court reporters are understandably frustrated with MAG’s refusal to comply with the Hunt decision of July, 2006, that found “the preparation and certification of transcripts is the bargaining unit work of the Court Reporters”.

It’s time for Attorney General Chris Bentley to hear from you (again). Postcards and stickers have been mailed out to locals with the request that stewards please distribute them to court reporters and other court staff. We ask that stewards collect all signed postcards

and drop them off the nearest OPSEU regional office by Friday, May 6. Pls post any extra cards on union bulletin boards. We want these postcards to be visible in the courthouse! Please wear the stickers when not in court.

Here’s what the postcard says:

Dear Minister Bentley,

You are in charge of upholding the laws of Ontario. And yet for the past five years, your ministry has refused to comply with the Hunt decision affecting hundreds of court reporters. The arbitrator ruled that “the preparation and certification of transcripts is the bargaining unit work of the Court Reporters”.

You and your ministry have flouted this decision. You have shown contempt for the hard-working professionals who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the court record.

Union-busting is a wide range of tactics used by employers to prevent the formation or expansion of trade unions. By refusing to comply with the Hunt decision, you are engaging in union-busting.

Desist immediately and direct your senior staff to work with the union to make the collective agreement apply to transcript work.


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