Radio ads hold Participation Lodge to account

October 25 2012 

Listen to the ad now running on seven different radio stations that call for Participation Lodge to be held to account.
Asking “is anyone holding Participation Lodge accountable?” and “Can you trust anything they say?” the ads put Executive Director Elaine Kerr on notice.  It is time for this employer to get back to the table with a fair deal for their workers.
Listen to the ad now.

The following print ad is also running Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 25, 26 and 27 in the Owen Sound Sun Times and the Hanover Post.

Download ad  



What can you do to help?

Support a picket line
There are picket lines at all three Participation Lodge locations: Holland Centre and St. Francis Place in Owen Sound and Lutheran Manor in Hanover. All support at these picket lines is greatly appreciated!    

Call or email Elaine Kerr, Executive Director of Participation Lodge.  
Elain Kerr's number is 519-794-3201 x224
If she happens not to be at her desk, dial extension 555 for the phone to ring throughout the facility. Someone should pick up...
You can also send Elaine Kerr an email at one, or both, of the following email addresses. Let her know that you support her staff, and that it is time to get back to the table!

Please also call Bob Richardson, President, Board of Directors, at (519)422-3849

Ontario Public Service Employees Union, 100 Lesmill Rd. Toronto, ON M3B 3P8  (416) 443-8888

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